I've learned that life is not fair and because life is not fair not everything can be fixed...We must learn to live in reality during the day and dream only when necessary, at night.

I have learned that you can make new true friends in only a couple of hours and can lose an old friend in a matter of seconds.

Through every storm, God will somehow take you safely without harm.  We must learn to rely on God rather than ourselves, because as soon as we rely on "US" we fall.

I have learned that I don't handle bad situations well...but I have learned that God does...

I've learned once a mistake is made learn from it, don't dwell on it.

I’ve learned that you can make plans for yourself, but never set them in stone.  Something, or someone can always alter your plans; so don’t be upset if things change.

I’ve learned that loving someone is a choice, "falling" for someone isn't, so be guarded and know the difference.

I’ve learned that you cannot change a man no more than you can change a leopard’s spots, or a zebra’s stripes.  God made them the way they are, and you can’t do anything about that as much as you may try. So do yourself a favor, stop trying.

I’ve learned that you cannot fall in love with the idea of the man you want…. you must fall in love with the man as is, or you will never be completely satisfied or happy.

I've learned...dont open your heart to quickly to someone. Be guarded even if you think you know them.

I've learned that you should never be judgemental towards someone what has hurt you.  They might be hurting way more than you EVER will.

I've learned that experience, doesn't equal maturity...

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